During a transit authority’s build-out of its metro rail line numerous buildings were demolished to create a right of way for the new rail lines.   Sigma provided various consulting services.   For each building to be demolished Sigma prepared written asbestos abatement specifications.  During the abatement process Sigma provided on-site project management and air monitoring.








Sigma was contracted by an Independent School District (ISD) to conduct a three year re-inspection.  Sigma reviewed the previous surveys of all facilities, performing 11 re-inspections.An additional 31 buildings and schools were surveyed for the first time with a total of some 1500 bulk samples being taken.Sigma is currently providing ongoing professional services to the ISD as part of their Operations and Maintenance Program (O&M).







This food distributor has had a number of projects requiring Sigma’s environmental services throughout the state due to renovations, repairs, demolitions and maintenance activities that might disturb ACM or due to IAQ complaints. Services provided include asbestos surveys, design of abatement projects prior to ACM disturbance, on-site project management and air monitoring services, and close-out reports with project submittals.  Asbestos management plans were prepared and assistance with the O&M plan was provided.  Lead-based paint screenings were also conducted in some facilities.Mold assessments and remediation have been conducted at various production and sales facilities.