asbestos surveys, project design and management plans, onsite monitoring


Sigma provides experienced on-site project management during abatement projects to ensure that all work conforms to project specifications, applicable government regulations and safety practices.   Sigma’s independent oversight serves to guard the owner’s interest during work activities.  All work is documented for reporting purposes.

An asbestos survey is only the beginning to managing asbestos containing materials (ACM).  Once the ACM is identified Sigma’s consultant will recommend the most cost-effective and safest means of controlling asbestos.  A management plan is required for K-12 schools and recommended for any building known to contain asbestos.



As part of but different from the Management Plan, the O & M Plan is a specific set of procedures of how to work with asbestos if it is being disturbed or removed.  Sigma’s consultant will develop procedures that all safe conditions for working with asbestos and comply with applicable government regulations.

As a component of a Management Plan Sigma can label asbestos that remains in place.  This adds an extra level of protection by posting warning labels on asbestos cautioning workers of the ACM hazard.


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