surface and subsurface investigations

A high quality, site specific, exploration program can enhance the client’s ability to reduce risks associated with unanticipated ground conditions or overdesign.


SIGMA is an environmental consulting services company that specializes in surface and subsurface investigations. This includes environmental investigations, risk analysis, remediation, control programs and borehole investigations. As per project requirement, SIGMA performs deep to shallow boring methods to identify and investigate the existing site soil and/or groundwater conditions, propose and perform necessary actions and activities.


Sigma uses direct push sampling and conventional hollow-stem augering. This versatile drill can be used with augers, standard drill rods and split spoons to conduct geotechnical investigations with standard penetration testing (SPT), collect soil samples for environmental assessments, or install monitoring wells.

In direct push mode, the rig allows for soil sampling, probing for rock or shallow water,  obtaining in-situ soil vapor or groundwater samples at discrete depths by using slotted probe rods and small diameter sampling tubes. Another benefit to the direct push unit is its ability to quickly drill through existing asphalt or concrete to access underlying soils.

SIGMA works as a team with our exploration subcontractors to solve project specific issues of access for explorations. Even those located indoors, on soft or uneven ground and in remote areas