Underground Storage Tank (UST) REmoval/Closures


A site investigation is designed to provide sufficient subsurface data to determine the presence or absence of petroleum for sites  during tank removal or upgrade as having leaked or released product. This includes soil boring, groundwater sampling, monitoring well installations and associated laboratory analysis.

When PST site closure or remediation needs to be conducted, SIGMA professionals will perform these tasks for successful project completion:

-Removal of tanks and product lines

-Excavation of affected soil

-Sampling of soil and water and associated laboratory analysis

-Proper disposal of tanks, piping, residual product, and contaminated soil

-Backfilling and compaction of tank pit with clean fill

-Interaction and negotiation with appropriate regulatory agencies

-Compliance reporting to regulatory agencies




We also design, install and operate a cost-effective program to include:

-Excavation of affected soil

-Vacuum extraction of volatile hydrocarbons (soil venting)

-Groundwater recovery well network

-Product recovery trenches

-Groundwater treatment system (air stripping with activation carbon)

-Groundwater disposal system (reinjection, sewer)